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    We put 3 artists on the street with their artworks and asked random people for their feedback - you won’t expect the outcome!

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    Discover the connections different people have to the artworks they own. Every story is different, every story is special. What is your story?

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  • Discover my secrets

    Bea Kusovszky (artist): Learn how I use ’hidden’ elements to send you on a discovery journey through my artworks. Not everything is like it seems on a first glance .....

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  • You realize more if you don’t

    Helmeczy Zsuzsanna (artist): My art is all about the moment of realisation. It entails more than just sight, but impressions and feelings ....

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  • Art ist part of my ˝emancipati

    Stephanie Bester (artist): At some point in my life I discovered I wanted more than just being a good wife ..... I have grown as a person and this has helped me grow as an artist.

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  • Welcome to ARTCOSMOS!

    We at ARTCOSMOS believe that ART IS FOR EVERYBODY! Let us show you who we are and what we want to do for you.

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  • I don’t understand ˝modern art˝.

    When I look at this so called ˝modern art˝ it reminds me of what my daughter used to create when she was five. Maybe I should have kept it and sell it today for lots of money …..

    For me this painting is art, the ability to paint beautifully something that exists. To bring it to live on a canvas.

    I am a passionate hunter, I love food and a home full of strong, dark wooden furniture.

    I bought this painting because it fit perfectly into my house.
  • I am fascinated by China, going there made my greatest dream come true!

    When I came back I found this artwork in a small antique shop in Budapest. Whenever I look at it, it reminds me of the greatest trip of my life and brings back the memories.

    It sounds funny, but it also makes my memory happier. When you are in the Forbidden City and look at this room, it is crowded with thousands of people pushing you around.

    Now when I look at this painting, my memory blurs with fantasy of the things that have happened at this beautiful place.

    It is like magic.
  • I got this artwork from my nephew who painted it for me. It fits perfectly my minimalistic style.

    And I am famous for ALWAYS wearing sneakers. Even when I try to dress up, I end wearing sneakers.

    This artwork is just so me!
  • My deceased husband and I bought this painting many years ago.

    After we married we had to work hard to build our own home, buy land, raise animals and grow plants. At this time every gift you got was functional to help us create our household.

    This was our first purchase for pleasure, long before we bought a television. I just loved the homeliness and the peace in this still life painting.

    This was how I wanted our home to be.
  • For Michael and me, art has become an integral part of our life – long before ARTCOSMOS.

    We have been lucky to be able to travel a lot and meet artists all over the world and buy these beautiful pieces. Our unique artworks make the flat our home.

    I especially love this piece by Toni d’Antoni a painter and sculpturer from Sicily. His oriental touch reminds me of my first holiday alone when I visited Andalusia and was fascinated by the Moorish buildings as well as having my first summer flirt.

    This artwork brings back happy memories.
  • I bought this painting in Paris when I was there on a very romantic trip with my first big love.

    This picture will always remind me off this trip and how I felt, so happy and playful. I love the colors of it and that it reminds of me of the comics I loved as a child.

    For me this painting is a little treasure I care about a lot.
  • I grew up in an environment of mid-low income housing where walls were empty or only decorated with family photographs.

    Joining ARTCOSMOS was something of a revelation to me. This is what I later want my home to be – a place full of color, individual, unique and sophisticated.

    I love this piece from Osmel Cabrera. The colorfulness of the painting as well as the soulfulness of the woman’s face make me happy everytime I see it.

    Maybe it is also because my colleagues keep saying she looks a bit like me ;-)
  • I have always dreamed of Mexico, for me it stands for warmth, freedom an party – all the things I love.

    This picture reminds me everyday off my big dream. It motivates me to look at it, because it makes me feel that one day my dream will come true.
  • This painting is by a little know South African painter called Fazenda. A friend of mine gave it to me as a gift when he came back from a trip to South Africa.

    I am a bit chaotic and always full of emotions and my friend felt he saw this reflected in the strong colors of this artwork.

    I simply love it, because of who gave it to me.
  • When I moved together with my boyfriend we received this painting from a friend who is the painter (Fodor Akos).

    The painting is about couples fighting and our friend gave it to us as a good omen. Whenever we were starting to fight we should look at it and think about what arguing does to people.

    It worked! We are still together and happy after 9 years.

    It was a really meaningful gift.
  • I have the strongest connection with this artwork because of how it makes me feel.

    It is called ˝useless˝ and in tough working periods I sometimes feel exactly like this! I feel like my thoughts are escaping from my head, becoming empty and useless.

    Then looking at this painting gives me somehow comfort. It makes me feel like I am not alone with this feeling. I look at the painting for some time and can go back to work, somehow refreshed.

    It sounds weird – but it works for me!
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