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About Us

Like most artists, we love to talk about ourselves too.
Find out “everything you need to know” about ARTCOSMOS!

ARTCOSMOS is a platform for people
to enjoy art, without the need of
a deeper art knowledge.

Created by people who know nothing
more about art than the fact that

“if an artwork speaks to you
- it is great art for you!”.

Our Team

(Those who like to speak about themselves - “the Divas”)

Michael - CEO & co-founder
MICHAEL - CEO & co-founder
If you were telling my art teacher from high school that I am now part of a team building an art platform, he would call it the end of the world. He owned an art gallery in our hometown and was very pretentious looking down at us “art cretins”.

Mutual dislike made me unfortunately learn very little about art at school. My passion as an art collector was only ignited when I got my first artwork, believe it or not, as a “break-up gift” about 10 years ago from the girl who is now my wife. Little did we know at that time ...
Since then I have been passionate about art, not in an academic sense ... that’s ruined for me, but in the way that I love its beauty, the feeling it gives me to be surrounded by art and to get to know the interesting people who create it.

I was fortunate enough to travel a lot during my career and I used every opportunity to discover new art and artists, many of which I am happy to call friends now and who are part now of our ARTCOSMOS community.
Unfortunately most people do not get the chance to tour the world and discover art from far away places.
So at some point I decided to leave my corporate career and found ARTCOSMOS to allow other people to experience the same joy from being surrounded by unique art that speaks to them.

Attila - Storyteller
ATTILA - Storyteller

I have no deeper art knowledge and sometimes I have to say I lack under- standing for some of the art we see. One quote #myartmystory’s spoke to me, saying “it’s like what my daughter used to create when she was five”.
But this is also what I love about art – it has so many facets and everybody can find something he or she loves. That’s what we mean by finding the artwork that “speaks to you”. And I love that ARTCOSMOS finally says that you don’t have to be able to technically or philosophically interpret an artwork in order to appreciate it. It is enough if you love what you see.

Bori - Visual Storyteller
BORI - Visual Storyteller

Michael calls me our “art nerd” because I studied art history and create art myself sometimes. Unfortunately not frequent enough to be featured on ARTCOSMOS, I have to find more time in busy life to paint.
I love the idea of “making art relatable” because not everybody can study art but everybody can enjoy the beauty of it. By working for ARTCOSMOS I hope to make an impact and get more people to enjoy unique art.

Andi - Video Storyteller
ANDI - Video Storyteller

I grew up in an environment of mid-low income housing where walls were empty or only decorated with family photographs.
Therefore joining ARTCOSMOS was something of a revelation to me. Seeing our office being full of unique art from around the world is inspiring to me. This is how I want my home to be, a place full of color, individual, unique and sophisticated – a place that reflects myself or at least the person I want to be(come).

Daniel - Video Storyteller
DANIEL - Video Storyteller

I am a very artistic person myself and love to explore museums and exhibitions or to discuss art with my artist friends. But I feel often that we are “in a world of our own” and I love the idea of ARTCOSMOS breaking down the walls of our artist circles.
Especially because through our videos we make it easier for artists to show themselves outside their “friends bubble”, so that people can get a better feeling for who they are and what makes them create their art.