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Balanced on the top of my head

by Alexandra Köbli

€ 319

Painting is pictorial memories of visualization on the canvas. As an artist, I bring back these memories to paint. The painted canvas triggers memories - this is what I play with. It is a play with depiction and aesthetics and also, at the same time, it is a play with the mind and remembrance. I set up relations that can trigger memories so you start to ponder involuntarily. I create constellations. I use the synesthetic memories of my experiences to associate and put the mechanism of this adventure on the canvas - when someone takes a look at my paintings, they make them respond to everyday visual effects. They do not intend to trigger predetermined memories - instead, they remind you of something that is familiar but not this way. These multi-layered, associative effects that I extracted them from our everyday life can lead one to self-determination if in search of coherence. My work has different meanings for everyone as they are strongly related to fantasy which varies from person to person.

Style: Minimalism

Oil on Canvas and Wood

Dimension: 70 cm x 70 cm

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Alexandra Köbli

Alexandra Köbli

It all started with the clouds. As I remember I was 3 or 4 years old when I first started to think about colors. It was a summer afternoon, I lied on a hot, concrete football field with my father. I asked questions about the clouds, their colors, shapes, material, etc. My father was a painter and a geography-math teacher so I got the whole pic of the circulate of nature and I also learned what is the difference between the color of light and the color of paints. The time, the clouds, the sunlight slipped away as we were discussing what happened in front of our eyes. I still can remember, I lied on the ground with the pure sky, the whole Universe in front of me. That first time, I realized, I felt everything is in contact with everything and I’m here to explore it.