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Fafej- Tree Head

by Luca Pataki

€ 185

Style: Surrealism

Oil on Canvas

Dimension: 25 cm x 40 cm

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Luca  Pataki

Luca Pataki

Ever since I can remember I have been always creating, painting and drawing something. My grandmother was an art teacher and my uncle became an artist so they had a huge effect on me when I was little. At that time if somebody asked me what I want to do when I grow up I said I want to be a pensioner. Looking back from now I was absolutely satisfied with that lifesyle where I get everything I need and I had time doing what I like. Since then a lot of things changed. I went to school and than the high school. Application for high school was a big deal. Am I should go to a school with art department but I should also take care about other subjects? In the end I decided to take the risks and that’s why I’m saying that art also choosed me. It was my best decision ever! School was always important for me. I’m trying to be open for everything and I’m not just a big fan of arts but also history and maths. I want to broaden my knowledge as far as I can, take part in politics, help other people, and teach that life is the best given thing what ever happened to everybody. Expressing myself throgh my artworks is a bit difficult for me but I’m still trying. I’m never enough satisfied with my works, I can always see parts which I know how to make it better. I’m a bit pressing myself but I want to use out every moment what I can fill with the beauty of art. I’ve got also 5 points what I’m strongly believe in. (These were some advices which I got from my friend before my first exhibition.) 1. Presistence. Always creating. 2. Believe in what you are doing and believe in yourself. 3. Make your own way with humbleness. 4. Love what you are doing and what you believe in. 5. Do it with passion!