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Flow in orange

by Anita Püspök

€ 1 412

Style: Abstract

Oil on Canvas

Dimension: 100 cm x 100 cm

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Anita Püspök

Anita Püspök

Anita Püspök (Budapest, 02.16.1972.)Artist Name:Ann Pearly Painter, a certified art therapist Arts Membership: MANK, Independent Hungarian Salon Fine Arts Association, Golden Brush Art Association. ˝I grew up in Budapest in the city center, where art is permeated by my grandparents and my parents’ childhood.Many art school I learned, were masters including Tolvaly Erno Agnes Nemeth, Joseph Baska, Kopek Rita, Nagy Árpád Pika. Savaria graduated from the University Arts Faculty Painting Department got.My life painting, the work he fumbled during which constantly looking for the most beautiful sound in the relationship between nature and spirit. Deep-lyrical abstract image of fulfilled works, where the realistic elements where sensual color-game, where you weave through gestures. While the sight of my soul-paint works closely with state and indivisible unity. I deal with psychology and color therapy.In addition to artistic vocation, I am an artist and teacher, I feel it was my duty to my students become happy, creative child.Three with our child, we live in Kapolcs since 2010, the local landscapes and villages charisma attracted, and its charm makes me love every day.˝