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För Alltid

by Gergely Gyuricza

€ 3 793

In Exhibition I find inspiration in the fact I am going to die one day. You are dying. Don’t panic. Breath! In this, we are equal. Regardless of nation, sex, sexual orientation, political orientation, musical orientation, or favorite type of Magnum ice cream We are dying. Our differences in thought, manner and action cannot relieve us from the obligation of our death. With a dignified or ridiculous dying will happen with or without our acceptance. Whether by natural causes or by accident we will pass because we accepted the “General Terms and Conditions” just by living. However it happens, it will happen. And you will be nothing more then a half-ticked checklist. Perhaps Death is collecting us like stamps. Hoping to one day have enough postage to send in his resignation because Death must be the most boring job in the world. Whatever you might say to him, I guarantee he has heard it. “I didn’t tell my wife that I love her.” “I didn’t tell my husband he was a dick.” “I didn’t tell my best friend to erase my browsing history.. I’m not too worried about all the adult stuff but I don’t want anyone to know that I was a watching Sesame street every night before falling asleep.” Whatever your excuse is, Death’s heard it and responds : ‘What were you waiting for? ‘ He asks “I warned you this whole time! I happened all around you. I took away the ones you knew and the ones you didn’t.“ “What made you think you would be different?” But before you could respond with ‘I’m special!’ he silences you with his hands and states: “You are all special!” So think of all the nevers. The never evers. Never had a staring contest with my dad. Never planted a tree house. Never invited someone I like up to the my never tree. I never got a kiss from the someone I like, after inviting them up to the never-tree. I never told the someone who I liked, but never kissed, after inviting them to the never tree, that kissing them was my plan the whole time We are dying. Do not let a belief in an afterlife excuse you from the responsibility of doing something beautiful with your life. Even if it’s one failure after the next. Fail. And fail again. And this is gonna piss people off but: Fuck Yoda! There is try and there is value in trying. Risk is your endorsement of hope. Your fear of death is the realization that you haven’t even tried to press your hands into the air and leave your imprint in the horizon for others to chase and follow. Don’t panic. There’s still time. But you are dying. Don’t panic. Breathe! You are only dying. You are not dead.

Style: Pop Art

Acrylic and spray paint on Wood

Dimension: 180 cm x 121 cm

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Gergely Gyuricza

Gergely Gyuricza

Gyuricza’s mission is to create artworks of original, emotive and edifying quality, and to promote Pop Art in Eastern-Europe. Strengthening the artwork-spectator bond – via exhibitions and online initiatives to enrich people lives. My vision My core purpose is to empower the young urban white-collar citizen, to express and promote her/himself confidently, via the Pop Art genre that I aim to invigorate. I strive to differentiate myself in the artist universe, by using Psychological concepts, Humour and Pop culture icons, providing an immediately familiar experience, even if you never saw my artworks before. My artworks are a personal effort to comprehend the mysticism of death, and leave behind a legacy. While I expect these actions be fundamental, i do this as a mental health effort for myself, and the esthetical benefit of others. Because Art is about Resilience, It Always Has Been. I also commit to improve my own social impact and behave ethically and responsibly at all times. There has been a distortion in the distribution model of works of art. The impact of digital frameworks of a global scale will shape the future of art. I want to drive that process. People always ask me: “How do you find the inspiration?” And the truth is that my grandfather always said, his tombstone will only say ˝Gyuricza˝. I know what he ment. For a man, that is the only thing that matters. To have a name and live up to that. I sign my paintings as they were my tombstones, I leave small pieces of me behind, to show I was here, to show i mattered, to be remembered... as a statement that ˝I fucking tried˝