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by Jose Higuera

€ 8 233

Manhattan is a painting in which I tried to capture, as closely as possible, what I understood as the most emblematic and representative of an empire, which was, and which in my point of view is becoming less so . The execution of the buildings was a very laborious process that required a lot of concentration and working hours Achieved it , or try to achieve a good painting with an urban subject is always complex , because the atmosphere of the landscape must be adequate and requires a subtle color variation ... I am particularly pleased with this work.

Style: Realistic

Oil on Canvas

Dimension: 92 cm x 73 cm

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Jose Higuera

Jose Higuera

Jose Higuera, Spanish realist painter, was born in 1966. Since an early age he showed a defined interest in drawing and painting, being this a tendency noticed by his school teachers. Encouraged by his teachers and his family, Jose was provided of the needed material to pursue his artistic talent resulting in the fact that at the age of ten years he had already produced his first oil painting. His grandmother decides to put him under the tuition of local artists to initiate him in the knowledge of some techniques of this art and start him painting mainly landscapes; although it should be noted that José is basically a self-taught artist with the inevitable influences of the creative movements that he develops with his own style being realism the basis of all his work. His first exhibitions are received with high interest by the critics and the public and is not long before he stars selling his works with the resulting enthusiasm that encourages him to continue on the not-always-easy road of the art of painting as a profession. During years Jose works on an exclusive basis with the Art Gallery and Auction House of Madrid, during which period he builds up experience and contacts that allow him to dedicate his time exclusively to painting. He has then presented his works in a number of exhibitions throughout Spain, USA and Asia. At the moment he lives in Cantabria (North of Spain) and the realism in his works continues to be the main characteristic.