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Milky Way landscape

by David Kresalek

€ 225

Milky Way in the desert painting.

Style: Realistic

Acrylic on Canvas

Dimension: 50 cm x 40 cm

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David Kresalek

David Kresalek

Nameste ॐ I make paintings and drawings since very early age. I had so many wonders in my life, starting with the experience of enlightment and astral travel, through meeting with Plejads /extra terrestrials. My delight related to my soul-development is affecting my art constantly. Cycles of my life are always readable, picture by picture, what i’ve had experienced, and what kind of desires are still buried inside me. The unmined wonders of the universe, hapiness, developing the soul through love, and the counciousness of light are all among my motivations when i’m creating! :)