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We never get bored of these old songs, do we?

by Dóri Szüle

€ 185

Style: Surrealism

Ink on Paper

Dimension: 29.7 cm x 42 cm

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Dóri Szüle

Dóri Szüle

My name is Dori, I’m 21, studying history of art in Budapest. Art is my passion which I enjoy so much that I draw whenever I have some free time (or have to study...) , this is what I like doing the most. I started drawing these black&white pictures some years ago, actually it happened first in a drawing class in high school, I guess when I was 17. The task was to figure out as many different patterns as you can. I made my first black&white picture there, and since then I’m obsessed with making these well-detailed works. What I like the most about doing artworks, is that when I start it, I have no idea how it’s going to look like in the end, because my ideas and plans always change, depending on my mood, the music I listen to, or the things that going on my life at the moment. So it’s always a surprise, even for me to see how these tiny details from my mind come together to one big picture. If you look at them closely, you can see that there are many objects which I draw very often, for example the lighthouse or The Dark Side of the Moon album cover by Pink Floyd. All these objects have a meaning for me, a story, that belongs to them, so actually, these works can be seen as my personal stories, but you also have the opportunity to find objects on these papers that mean a lot to you, so it can turn into your story as well :)