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Vörös-medence/Red hip-bone

von Alexandra Köbli

€ 291

„It’s a collection of 2018’s creatures which are the most relevant pieces from an experiment, based on emotion, sound (mainly music), and own accociations, also mood or living habits. It goes on a parapsychological and spontaneus examination between me and the materia/objects. It’s a relative practise between me and every outer existence. A playful action between taste&thinkin’ and presence.”

Stil: Abstrakt

colouring pasta auf PVC

Dimensionen: 50 cm x 40 cm

Versand Informationen


Alexandra Köbli

Alexandra Köbli

It all started with the clouds. As I remember I was 3 or 4 years old when I first started to think about colors. It was a summer afternoon, I lied on a hot, concrete football field with my father. I asked questions about the clouds, their colors, shapes, material, etc. My father was a painter and a geography-math teacher so I got the whole pic of the circulate of nature and I also learned what is the difference between the color of light and the color of paints. The time, the clouds, the sunlight slipped away as we were discussing what happened in front of our eyes. I still can remember, I lied on the ground with the pure sky, the whole Universe in front of me. That first time, I realized, I felt everything is in contact with everything and I’m here to explore it.