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Why do the colors of the artwork look different at home?

Sometimes you can have the impression that the colors of an artwork look slightly different at home than what you expected when you saw the artwork before.

This is due to something we call the “gallery effect”. It happens not just on online platforms but also when buying from physical gallery locations. The reason is lighting. Most artists, like galleries, light their artwork very professionally when creating the picture for our platform. Often you as a customer do not have your lighting trimmed to make the art you buy look its best.

The way you experience a color is impacted by factors like natural vs. artificial light, intensity and distance from the light source, or color intensity of your artificial light.

All these can lead to a different color experience in your home.

We try to reduce the gallery effect by asking artists to photograph their artworks in different light conditions to give you a better impression of the range of color experiences you can have with the artwork you are intending to buy.

Unfortunately there is no way to guarantee that you have the exact same color experience at home that you had when seeing the artwork before, whether it is online or in a gallery.

In case the colors significantly deviate from your expectations, please contact our support by clicking here to see whether there is case to return the artwork.