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How does your commission impact my revenue?

ARTCOSMOS charges a standard rate of 30% commission.

Different from other platforms we do not require you to make complicated calculations to find a customer price which allows you after all deductions (like VAT, commission, shipping costs and so on) to still earn enough on your artwork. We make this calculation for you.

The way it works is that you enter the net revenue (excluding VAT) you want to receive for your artwork and from there we build the final customer price by adding VAT (based on your provided tax information), our commission, payment transaction costs and your standard shipping costs on top.

Once this final customer price is calculated you can review it to see whether it appears reasonable for you. In case you do not find it appropriate (too high or too low) you can change your variables (artist price and standard shipping costs) to adjust it.

If you need any support on pricing, please see check out our pricing support mechanism.