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How does your pricing support work?

Our pricing support is based on the realization that first customer do not pay prices predominantly because they reflect the perceived ‘value’ of the artwork (though the perceived value has a strong impact) but based on the ‘acceptable price’ and secondly that this ‘acceptable price’ derives from a conscious or unconscious comparison to other ‘comparable’ artworks.

For a detailed discussion on this price perception please see our blog post.

While you find the recommendation to search comparable artworks to find your prices almost everywhere, ARTCOSMOS has taken the next step and is providing you with price information on ‘comparable’ artworks.

Of course subjective quality perception cannot be included and you will find in our blog also arguments why it should not be. The price ranges you receive as comparison are based on your experience and recognition, your style and technique and your artwork size (as indication of the time spent). Comparisons are taken from our database of hundreds of artworks sold not only on ARTCOSMOS but also on other platforms.

The results show you in which price ranges we found ‘comparable’ artworks and in which range the majority of works are priced. After this it is your choice where in the range to price your own work.

If you want more guidance on where to place yourself in the range, please see our blog post on artwork pricing.