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Should I ship my paintings rolled, framed or frame mounted?

Let’s start with the easiest part – framed. Unless the frame is a conceptual part of your artwork you shouldn’t send your artworks framed. Frames are in general a very subjective question of taste; the likelihood that your frame meets the customer’s taste is low. In that case you have occurred additional costs for the frame and the additional shipping costs but won nothing.

There is an increasing trend for customers not to frame artworks any longer but to enjoy it “pure” and display it frame mounted. Shipping frame mounted therefore allows you more and more often to provide your customer with a “ready to hang” solution where the customer does not have to occur further costs and efforts for framing after receiving the artwork. For small and medium sized artworks frame mounted allows for a safe shipping method when you take care during packing (see our packing tip videos).

For large sized artworks rolled might be the safest way to ship as well as the most cost-effective with the lowest ecological impact. On the other hand you always have to consider whether your artwork might suffer from cracks when rolling.

So in general we would suggest to ship frame mounted, unless you know your customer wants to frame the artwork once it arrives or the artwork is very large in which cases we would recommend to ship the artwork rolled.

However you pack, please make sure that you clearly state your packing method in your profile and in case it is different for a particular artwork, please clearly state the different method in the description of this artwork.