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Why do you use same shipping costs for all Europe?

The standard shipping rate for the entire EU and EFTA countries, which you build into your final artwork price, allows us to provide all customers with just one final landed price (excluding customs) for standard shipping.

It is our policy to not add any charges after the customer has selected an artwork (except for special customer requests), since we believe that customers don’t like those „hidden“ costs like additional shipping, payment or other charges. We believe they make informed decisions almost impossible and are an unfair method of sales.

For you as an artist this also means that you are equally attractive to customers throughout Europe and not more attractive to customers in your region versus customers on the opposite site of Europe.

Does that impact your expected income?

Years of sales experience show that on average it will not. In some cases you will pay more for shipping than you calculated in other cases you will pay less than you expected. On average these differences will balance out - unless you find yourself appealing suddenly strongest to customers on the other side of Europe. In this case you can simply adjust your standard shipping costs to reflect your higher average shipping costs – ARTCOSMOS will help you with this if you want.