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Bernadett Breszkovics

2012- Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Painting department, Budapest
Master: Bukta Imre, Halász András, Filp Csaba
2007-2012: Pécs High Shool of Arts, painting department
Master: Valkó László

Solo Exhibitions:
2010. Mánfa, Village Hall
2011. Pécs High Shool of Arts
2012. Pécs University of Fine Arts
2016. MÜSZI, Interaktiv Exhibition

Group Exhibitions:
2010. Komló, József Attila Library and Museum
2012. Pécs Arts High School, Exam Project Exhibition
2013. Academy of Fine Arts, Epres Garden, year-end exhibition
2014. Budapest, Mazars Gallery
2014. Academy of Fine Arts, Epres Garden, year-end exhibition
2015. Budapest, (City Shop) „Awakening of Light”
2015. Budapest, B32 Gallery
2016. Budapest, Ari Kupsus Gallery
2016. Iszkaszentgyörgy, Group Exhibition

German (medium level)
English (basic)

Bernadett Breszkovics, Budapest, Hungary

Gender: Female

Date of birth: 1992-10-27

Member since: 2016-11-30