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Discover art stories
from around the world
and learn how
other people connect
with the art they love!

Art Stories

  • Everyone has some opinion about art

    We put 3 artists on the street with their artworks and asked random people for their feedback - you won’t expect the outcome!

  • Bea Kusovszky - There is more than meets the eye

    Learn how Bea uses ’hidden’ elements to send you on a discovery journey through her artworks. There is always something more than you see on a first glance!

    Discover Bea’s art
  • Adam Dora - Light changes our perception

    For Adam light is important - it influences the way we experience a moment, it evokes feelings and memories.

    Discover Adam’s art
  • MyArtMyStory

    Discover the connections different people have to the artworks they own. Every story is different, every story is special. What is your story?

    Discover more stories
  • Introducing our charity project Refugee Art

    We have been deeply impacted by the refugee crisis in 2016 and we believe art to help integrate those who came to us in need. Learn more about the project.

    Learn more about Refugee Art
  • Kiraly Mandi - Nature is my inspiration

    Discover how Mandi is inspired by the everyday beauty in the nature around us to create her art.

    Discover Mandi’s art
  • Adam Dora - My paintings give back more than an image

    ˝Art is like flowers - you need to care for it˝ - discover how Adam cares for his art and what he wants to show you in his artworks.

    Discover Adam’s art
  • Stephanie Bester - Look at the world differently

    Learn about the message Stephanie’s beautiful paintings and sculptures have.

    Discover Stephanie’s art
  • Dori Szüle - I shield myself

    Dori is a young and shy girl who always shield herself - discover her in her artworks.

    Discover Dori’s art
  • Nuno Campos - welcome to my home

    Nuno takes us on a tour through his art, his home and his greatest achievement - his family!

  • Gergely Gyuricza - Ratchet

    Get Funky - Gergely takes you on the journey creating his painting Röd Varg. Get ready for the ride.

    Discover Gergely’s art
  • Luca Pataki - How I create my art

    Let Luca take you on a video journey through the process of creating her aquarelle artworks. From sketch to the dark finish ....

    Discover Luca’s art
  • Alexandra Köbli - My artworks are even a puzzle

    Find out how Alexandra has to work in series to develop her elements and tell her story. Follow her through the connections of her artworks.

    Discover Alexandra’s art
  • Kiraly Mandi - Creating art transformed my life

    Mandi discover art late in her life and it transformed her life. Follow her discovery journey.

    Discover Mandi’s art
  • Helmeczy Zsuzsanna - You realize more if you don’t see clear

    Zsuzsanna’s artworks are about the moment of realisation - this fleeing moment she wants to capture in her art, bring together not only the visual impression we associate with realisation but also the memories and emotions.

    Discover Zsuzsanna’s art
  • Stephanie Bester - Art is part of my ˝emancipation˝

    Learn Stephanie’s story, how she has grown from being a nice and supportive wife to being a strong and expressive artist.

    Discover Stephanie’s art
  • David Kresalek - I believe we are not alone in the universe

    Discover David’s believe about other species in the universe which inspire his dream-like and powerful artworks.

    Discover David’s art
  • Bea Kusovszky - Why you own me - NOT

    Discover the message behind Bea’s artwork - protesting the objectification of women in media.

    Discover Bea’s art
  • Adam Dora - Creation is moment and patience

    Adam’s artworks aim at capturing a moment which consists of so much more than the pure image. Let him tell you what it needs to create his art.

    Discover Adam’s art
  • ARTCOSMOS presents: ART meets MUSIC

    Watch the smooth music of Gergely Demeny’s ˝Blackbird beneath the snow˝ meeting David Kresalek’s dreamy artwork!

    Discover David’s art