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1. Upload your wall picture

Drop your picture here or

Learn what makes the best possible
picture for your decoration experience.

Principles for a good wall picture to help you decorate

  1. Take frontal picture
  2. Keep it straight
  3. Include reference points (furniture / wall) at full length
  4. Make sure the wall is not too dark or lit by a strong single light source
  • Good example #1
  • Good example #2
Bad examples:
  • Bad example #1/1

    Non-frontal image will make every artwork look out of place

    Bad example #1/2
  • Bad example #2/1

    Non-straight images make sizing difficult

    Bad example #2/2
  • Bad example #3/1

    Without your entire reference furniture in the picture it is difficult to size the image

    Bad example #3/2
  • Bad example #4/1

    On a shadowy wall, perfectly lit artwork images look unnatural

    Bad example #4/2

You first draw the line along furniture pieces in your picture are along wall sections of which you know the length / height.

Then you enter the length / height of the line you draw (like the values in the picture) into the box next to the image:


2. Draw a line by using your mouse

After uploading your image to “Try Art on Your Wall”, we determine the dimensions inside your photograph to adjust the picture sizes of our artworks when you start decorating.

To understand the dimensions in your photograph, we ask you to draw a straight line along furniture pieces or walls where you know the exact height or width. Then we ask you to enter the length of that line in real life.

Test it by drawing a line on the test image, following our template lines and write below the length of the line according to the information in our test image.

Please make sure that you draw a fully vertical or horizontal line.


3. Find the artworks you love and place them on your wall

Artwork List